Gearing Up for Los Angeles Today

I’m very excited to be leaving for LA in just a few hours as I’ll be visiting my longtime friend (and longest at 40 years) and business associate Jason Taylor. We’re really looking forward to Saturday evening when we will be meeting with #FOCA (Fellows of Contemporary Art), where will will find out more about their organization, and hopefully about membership. It seems like a great group, and we’re expecting to connect with a lot of interesting and influential #art enthusiasts from the #LA art scene.

Meanwhile we’ll be starting a #Meetup for Sunday the 20th (probably @AngelCityBrewery ) with artists to introduce them to the #Kosmask brand. I’ve been working tirelessly towards establishing a social media presence and trying to figure out how to connect all the dots. So far #Instagram has been awesome for connecting with other industry leaders like #interiordesigners, #homedecor professionals, #museum affiliates, and a wide variety of excellent visual #artists, some of whom I have invited to our Sunday evening event.

All of this networking will help to introduce Kosmask to a crowd of 100,000 buyers at #AmericasMart in #Atlanta in July, and will all lead up to the opening of our #contemporary art gallery, KAJ Gallery. That’s a very exciting venture in and of itself, and we’re searching diligently for the prime location as I type. We hope to open in the late Fall of 2018, and I’ve already assembled a stellar lineup of artists who will be represented by the gallery. The grand opening  will feature the incredible paintings of #PaulTamanian.

So that’s where we’re at for now. I’m looking forward to my trip and to meeting a lot of new artists and searching for new opportunities. Jason and I have a lot of exciting things planned, and we are confident that we’ll bring an incredible product to the Los Angeles art scene!

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