Gearing up for #AmericasMart

We’re very excited and are preparing for our first major show in #Atlanta at #AmericasMart in July. The show runs from the 10th to the 15th and we’re #stoked about all of the killer artwork we’re receiving from the artists who have been working on the #Kosmask Project. It’s hard to believe that just 13 months ago it was only a mere #idea. It’s been a long path in some ways, but a very direct one with pinpoint focus and with the determination to succeed in our sights.

Only six weeks ago did we finally get our first shipment of 300 masks, and just 2 days later did I send them out to the artists who are located all across the country. We’ve been fortunate to have so many talented artists who share our vision of making quality artwork for the home. In the coming weeks I’ll be revealing who the artists are. I think everyone will be amazed at the stunning talent that we’ll be representing in Atlanta. The masks will have a wide range of variety; including some that are #painted, some #collaged and others utilize #decals. Some of the artists are professors of art, some are philosophers, scientists, tattoo artists, street artists, and some are in the most prestigious #artmuseums in the world. A couple have no education at all. The only rule we gave the participants was that there were #norules involved and that they had complete artistic freedom to do whatever they saw fit.

So, I’m busy doing the marketing right now and trying to figure out the best #planofattack before we get to the show. I have painstakingly set up multiple social media sites (the links are all at the bottom of this page) in anticipation of a social media onslaught. Some of it has been easy and some of it has been a challenge due to my novice status in the IT realm. I’m pretty good at learning fast, and my experience as an artist in international residencies the past couple years has helped me immensely. Most residencies last between 2 and 3 months so there’s a pretty steep learning curve involved. There has to be because of unknown factors like materials, etc. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I persevere until I’m content with the #finishedproduct. More to come soon, and I’ll go into more detail about how we got to the point of where we’re at now.


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